The Chronicles Vol.1 :When We Were Kings

“This book is just the beginning of a movement back to print.”

Since the somewhat death of print, (especially automotive import related) there has been a serious loss of physical evidence of the not so distant past and current import scene. Yes there are a few magazines still in circulation, but we want more.  Sure we save photos on our mobile devices and computers but nothing beats having something you can actually hold in your own hand. Books like Joeys “Vol.1 When We Were Kings” are just a start, in my opinion, of the re-revolution to bring back more print. This book sold out like it was a new SUPREME hoodie. The result of that shows that it’s a great product and it’s in demand.  That demand is for more great visual interpretations of Sport Compact and its lifestyle on paper.

This book is nothing short of amazing. I am already in much anticipation of book #2.

Thank you Joey!

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