Caliber brake lines

Some much needed work on the CR-X has begun. For starters the front caliper brake lines were a bit too short for my liking so installing longer ones was in order. Since I haven’t taken the rims off since June I figured I would snap some photos of all the stuff in the wheel well. Here’s a couple answers to questions that some of you might have. I use all 3an Armid braided PTFE brake lines to the firewall in the engine bay. The hub/spindle set up is all 1991 CR-X si and the wheel studs are ARP. The Calipers are 4-Piston WILWOOD w/ WILWOD brake pads. The rotors are 11″ WILWOOD and the spacers are H&R 5mm. Also the suspension is APEXn1 made for ITR.

This wasn’t really a tutorial or anything just a little show and tell. After i finish up the loose end stuff with the brakes I will start working on the fuel system. There has been some stuff in that area that still need to be addressed. I will continue to try to post up more progress reports. Thanks for looking.

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