4th Annual West Coast Shootout Woodburn, Oregon

I went for a quick drive up to Woodburn, Oregon for the annual West Coast Shootout drag racing/ carshow event. As usual I spent more time socializing than actually shooting. There was hundreds of cars but I’m typically only drawn to a handful. One of those cars was Cole Marmon’s K-series (yes K-series) Turbo S2000. I followed the build online and was happy to finally see it in person. Towards the end of the day he seemed to be having car troubles but nevertheless the car was amazing to see. I spent most of my time in the pit area and didn’t really get a chance to go check out the car show. Sorry for the bad coverage. On to some photos of race stuff.

Mike Andrada with his 700hp K-series Ek coupe. This is an amazing streetcar that can win a carshow and go to the track and run a 10 second pass for fun. Very impressive to say the least. He’s also the first guy I’ve seen run Advan RG’s with M/T drag slicks. Proved to be an awesome setup.

James Kempf’s Honda Civic needs no introductions. This car is pretty much the fastest FWD Honda in the Milky Way Galaxy. As I was getting into my car to leave I saw the Civic making a pass. 7.80 AT 204mph, no big deal.

English Racing with the insanely fast EVO’s.

Jerimiah Styles brought out His Mugen fitted Integra GSR to come support his friends. This car never gets old to look at.

Korey Arnold also brought out His JDM RHD Honda Prelude.  I haven’t seen this car since last WEKFEST Seattle so it was great to finally hang out with it for a bit. Korey was kind enough to answer my million questions and listen to my excitement over JUN AUTO parts. He was also running the 1/4 mile at today’s event.

This rustic turbocharged Chevy truck was a head turner.

Maybe a part 2. soon

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

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