80R Volume 1: The Story of Japan’s Fastest Time Attack Drivers

When I started getting into Japanese cars there wasn’t a huge internet presence.  There were some websites and forums but the magazines are what we really waited for. Now that the internet has pretty much taken reign of all car related content, I find myself back to really wanting magazines (or any kind of print outlet) again. I feel like the recent little surge of print has got everyone a lot more excited. Everyone jumps on board to support pre-orders and almost instantly asks when a “vol. 2” is coming out. These new print outlets like Joey Lee’s, “When We Were Kings” book and 80R vol.1 are just two examples of what hopefully the future holds. As of now everyone is treating their print media as a little treasure. For most of us it is a treat and hopefully one that we can continue to have.

On to 80R vol 1.

My first impression when I got the package was, “damn this thing is heavy”. Once I opened it, I fully understood why. The magazine is obese with information. Driver profiles, vehicle specs and a plethora of amazing photos. 80R reminds me a lot of Hyper Rev Magazine(ハイパーレブ) but much more refine and modern. More than just a mods list, the mag goes into story like details and has a handful of amazing photos to go along with it.  174 pages packet with awesomeness. I anticipate there was enough interest in this magazine to put a vol. 2 in the works.

Direct from the Product Spotlight on NDF:

“80R was created as a way of documenting the people behind the niche sport of Japanese time attack.  It is the published result of years spent accumulating information, forming sincere relationships, and an earnest dedication to racing in Japan.  The celebrated racing driver, Nobuteru Taniguchi, was once quoted as saying that 80R was one of the most crucial corners at Tsukuba Circuit.  While that may be true, it is just one of the 12 that compose the entire course.  We are taking a similar approach to this new venture in print.  With 80R we don’t have the intention to comprehensively cover the sport, but to provide a new, archival way of sharing stories and images.  One that has yet to be explored for this type of racing.  Something physical, offline, and easy to reference.”



Now some photos.

Thank you Sean amazing work!

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

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