One Perfect Lap by WTAC

If you are interested in “time attack” then the WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) latest hardcover book might be for you. ‘One Perfect Lap’ is a fantastic book that covers the history of the famous Time Attacks Challenge in Sydney, Australia. From its beginning, to present time. The book produces a healthy amount of great writing and detailed photos.

I was not able to attend this epic annual event. I celebrated it instead by grabbing the book. It was released around the time of the event. Maybe someday I will be able go but until then there has been plenty of great coverage digitally. Congratulations to WTAC on the book and all the fantastic events over the years. Hoping for many more years of success.

From the website

“ONE PERFECT LAP – The Wild History of World Time Attack Challenge
132 pages Hard Cover

Thats right we have made a book! And it will be released at WTAC 2018!

This is a pictorial history of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge featuring a year-by-year narration of all of your favourite cars and stars starting right back in 2008 at the very first Superlap event when it was at the now defunct Oran Park circuit, right up to the 2017 WTAC event where the fastest pro cars are knocking on the door of the outright lap record at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Our CEO Ian Baker takes you through all the tales and tribulations of how this event has grown from a simple, one-day, grassroots event to a multi-day international phenomenon that is not only the largest time attack event in the world, but also one of the largest motorsport events in Australia today.

See the evolution of time attack over the years from simple tuner cars to insane aerodynamic monsters designed by some of the smartest brains in the business. With the top cars now running lap times faster than most open wheel race cars, teams from all around the world converge on Sydney Motorsport Park to battle for the title of World Time Attack Challenge Champion.

As well as detailed year by year chronicle there are also never before seen photographs and detailed features of many of the hero cars we have bought over the years including the Mazda 767B, Pagani Huyara BC, Ferrari F40, Rod Millen’s Pikes Peak rocket and much much more.

We have whole chapters showcasing the drifting over the years from it’s infancy as a lunchtime sideshow right up until its current day format as a drift / time attack double header event featuring some of the best talent from around the globe.

There is a dedicated Hall of Fame sections taking a detailed look at many of the fantastic cars that have participated over the years and how the face of WTAC has changed over the years. Check out some of the starts from the past with an illustrated section including each year’s winner plus a lap time sections with the top 5 five finishers in every single class since the first event.

This is an opportunity to own a part of Time Attack and Australian Motorsport history. It really is a NOT TO BE MISSED investment for any die hard time attack fan. As a bonus for anyone attending WTAC we will be having dedicated BOOK SIGNINGS at WTAC 2018 on both Friday and Saturday where you will have the one and only chance to have your copy signed by Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada, Nob Taniguchi, Under Suzuki, Warren Luff, Garth Walden, and World Time Attack Challenge CEO and founder Ian Baker as well as many more.”

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