AugustCascade / HYBRIDWORKS weekend

Haven’t posted on the blog for a while, so I figured this past weekend with Anthony and Gemil from HYBRIDWORKS would be a great opportunity to make one. I took some photos, and video for around 15 minutes total between two days. I’m ending up using about 95% of them for the blog, and YOUTUBE. I always regret not taking enough.

It was absolutely amazing having both of those gentlemen here to show their genius. I used to think I knew a lot about cars, but that thought ended around 20 minutes of them getting to work. We ran into quite a few hiccups during the days they were here, but they quickly resolved every single one of them.  Rather than write about the things that went wrong, I will write about what went good!  The start up went down with absolute ease and no real issues, basically first crack. After running for a bit Anthony, and Gemil worked out any kinks and now the engine purrs like a Lion.

The next session we do will concentrate on putting the power on the ground. Hopefully early next year, we all can get together again. Those two guys are the only ones I want touching my car, so I’ll be waiting for when ever they are ready. Until then, its great to have the CR-X finally moving under its own power and driveable.

On to some photos, video and descriptions:

Video of startup to moving under its own power.

These first four photos I took right before they arrived. I tried to have the car ready to go so they could work the magic.

Once the guys arrived they got straight to work. There were some things I didn’t have a chance to get done and they smashed right through the tasks.

Time for the fluids.

This photo was taken around 2am in the morning. This was right after the first startup. They wouldn’t finish until they reached a certain point in progress.

This is the next morning finishing up more loose ends. Timing, fuel pressure and idle.

Anthony working the magic on the Hondata S300.

We got the car on all fours to stretch its legs a bit. I was actually the one to pull the car out and drive first. It was a great feeling, and definitely brought back a lot of old memories of my past CR-X’s. Of course there was no photo of it. You would have only been able to see me smiling ear to ear anyway.

Non stop adjustment from the boys. It “has to be perfect”

The cord you see hanging outside in the above pictures is a wideband. For those who might not be familiar, it is a component that is crucial for measuring the air/fuel mixture of the motor.

Anthony gathering data from the wideband for the Hondata.

Here is the end of the weekend with the CR-X tucked back in my significantly insufficient sized garage.

And here we are at the end of a very successful weekend. All the thanks in the world to these two gentlemen. I couldn’t have done it without you.


6 thoughts on “AugustCascade / HYBRIDWORKS weekend

  1. Amazing build! I’ve recently come upon your car this year from youngstatics vlog when he helped weld the coolant fill pot for you and fell in love with your car after he shared photos of it which made me research it (so much attention to detail). I also watch a lot of stickydiljoes YouTube’s videos who also featured your car. Fast forward until now, I found out from a buddy of mine who is good friends with Ant and Gemil who mentioned that they were traveling to work on your car. I was shocked and super happy for the guys to be able to work with you on your build (working their magic as always). Good luck on the build and keep building!


  2. Hey man love your build, big inspiration to my Crx project, can I ask what camera setup you used in these shots? Really diggin your photography work
    Big shout from Mexico, keep up the amazing work


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