Hawaii weekend Wekfest X AugustCascade Part. 1

My weekend started off at around 4:30am at the airport. First flight was out of Eugene, Oregon – LAX and then off to Hawaii. I typically don’t like waking up this early for anything, but this time it was special.

This will be a quick pictured filled Part.1 post. I tried to document as much as I could, but usually leave out a lot because it gets pretty repetitive. Enjoy the sites, and yes next post will have a ton of cars in it.

This was the first view of Oahu that appeared as we flew over. Quite fitting actually because that large green mountain area is Tantalus-Round top. The area where my parents used to live, and where some of Hawaii’s drifting was born.  It was nice to see.

Fresh off the plane from Shaun @originalriot_shaun picking me up, Aloha Tower.

The Rainbow norm.

First stop for eats I requested Curry House Ala Moana. I missed the simple Stewed Chicken Curry w/ cheeze, It didn’t disappoint.

Next was a quick run to @in4mation to see if an old friend was working. In4mation was also one of the collaboration Co. along with AugustCascade for the Wekfest event.

Wakiki Nights, stunning.

Ending the evening with some Leonard’s Malasadas courtesy of Alex and Lauren @integraxtr @renren_girl

The next morning we decided to go to Kaka’ako area, which has lots of cool new places for coffee, and a lot of amazing street art. 9Bar HNL @9barhnl for coffee hit the spot.

Ducking some sunshine for a moment in a random alley.

Remember I said I was looking for a friend at In4mation, well we randomly ran into each other while turning a corner. This is Jun @Junxjo, boss, owner and everything man at In4mation.  We were actually on the way to check out their second location. Its been at least a decade and a half since I’ve seen him. In my next post you’ll see the RWB Porsche he drives around when he needs a top down.

The store has an amazing amount of goods.

After the Store we went Chinatown mode, and walked around.

Time to go eat Rainbow’s drive-in. My staple plate lunch joint when I was growing up.

Shoju Chicken w/mac salad, and a Slush of course.

Wash it all down now.

See my CR-X made it!

We stayed in Waikiki like tourists. The best place hands down for some quick eats was Mitsuwa Market.

That night we headed back to China Town for “First Friday”.  We ran into a convoy of Chinese dragons celebrating and making noise, it was great. Even though it was raining they were still out banging drums and dancing.

Headed inside a random art space which actually turned out to be really neat.

Quick trip to Tantalus Round Top for the City lights between the rain. Always a great site to see day or night.

After all this artsy stuff, and scenic look outs, we went to our buddy Alex’s @integraxtr condo to see if his passion for the German motoring was all it was cracked up to be. Well to say the least his passion is “next level” for sure.  We were greeted with Jon’s @j_yosh M as well blocking in Alex’s older M coupe version. Both cars were perfect and awesome to see. Back when I was building cars in Hawaii, no one was seriously modding BMW’s (except Marcus Endless of course). Now everyone on in Hawaii seems to own one, crazy how that works.

Finishing up some late night hangs with our Canadian friends Steve @chinki_boi and Barbara @missbdl at Yokocho for some Ramen.

Alright enough of the Ramen, Part. 2 is all Wekfest .

aloha- Wayne



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