Hawaii weekend Wekfest X AugustCascade Part. 2

Wekfest Hawaii was nothing short of amazing. Seeing awesome Hawaii builds, having conversations with old friends ,and being surrounded by amazing people. I wish it all could have lasted longer but there will always be another time. As of now Hawaii needs a motorsports complex to feed all of its motor-heads. Hopefully that happens soon so the candle is insured to never get extinguished.

Ok on to some photos of the day.

First off Salem putting down some lost art of Script writing.

The first two cars I saw and photographed at roll in. A beautiful Cobra and a wide body R32. Both very cool to see.

Joanna’s @j0_y car sitting silent while Joey @stickydiljoe wonders if the NSX chassis actually has a bad angle to be shot from. Could be a true story.

Kenneth @kenkatsu beautiful R patiently waiting to get out of the heat.

Jun Jo @junxjo brought out the RWB x VAST. Porsche for the event.  This car is equipped with everything on the planet including a passenger side surfboard mount. Pretty cool stuff.

Jun walked the Neal  Blaisdell Center with his surfboard scoping out a possible future indoor surf park.

Not true.

I had to throw this Vid screenshot in of the crew kinda just wondering what he was doing walking around with a surfboard. It was actually a prop for the the RWB Porsche.

RX-7 nuff said.

Ken @k_thewekfestelite sporting some fresh new @in4mation goods.

Big Dave @dpk_david stopping Alex @integraxtr at the gate while the previous cars get organized.


Lauren @renren_girl putting the final touches on Alex’s German machine.

Joanna’s NSX watching and waiting for the gates to open.

Kenneth’s ITR is very photogenic.

Toyota Supra’s. lots of muscle.

Jordan’s @jvst.jordan award winning Nissan.

Brandon’s @brandon.k fresh S2K

This Nissan was keeping things extreme.

Braxton’s @hbk_braxton Stree Monster K-series EK hatchback. He can back up every bit of it.

@keila_kitsu / @_rymanalo s14  getting the sticker game together.

Award winning VW.

Braxton putting the final touches on the EK before the show starts.

Gil @anarchy5 took home the AUGUSTCASCADE award this night. Given the the length of time he has been building cars and the quality of those builds made it only fitting for him to receive this award.  He’s a true original in the Hawaii import scene. Great job always Gil.

Gil’s time-locked EK Ferio fitted with Era correct aftermarket MUGEN goodies. Loved this car.

Roy @deadprezents and Aaron @trubzu brought out a vintage EF, a factory TE-CR-v and the ever so perfect FK .

It was nice to finally see this car in person. Very impressive.

Vintage Nissan Skyline’s are always an awesome site.

Some of the TEAMRICE / Ultraspeed lineup. This crew has been around since the early 2000’s. Gil actually brought out his old time capsule gold EG. It was amazing to see. Lots of memories.

Chunky S2k

Loving these WORK Meister S1’s.

It’s Mike if your Nasty @supermikenasty96789 . Always impressive NSX.

Randy’s @naito_nation perfectly prepped track/street EK. Very impressive machine.

Not sure if the owner knew how much attention their Cruiser got but it was alot, especially from the Wekfest Judging crew. It took home 1st place hardware in the end. A bucket list own for some of us.

Ok that’s a wrap for now. Thank you Hawaii.



PS: a very special thank you to Wekfest for an awesome weekend. You guys all rule.



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