Last weekend 。

Last weekend was very productive. We decided to go to the Hotwheels legends tour in Everett Washington and make some fun stops along the way. Of course a trip up north is not complete unless I stop by my guy Toto’s @kidkombo shop. This stop was special though, because I really wanted to see his EK. It has been under the knife for quite some time, but now that he has it in his new location. So there is no choice but to finish. If all goes as planned it should be ready by Wekfest Seattle 2024….just kidding, 2020. I have faith that this car will definitely be something special.

Ok let’s get onto some photos.

As we pulled up to Toto’s, his patented Evo sits in front of the gate guarding the shop. This car is no joke either. He has a pile more plans for this thing but for now here’s some photos of my weekend

As I walked in, the first thing I noticed about Toto’s EK is the amount of cage. This thing has some bars for sure!

Porkchop standing guard.

We were only at Toto’s for a short time, and called it a day. The next morning we went out to Everett to check out that Hotwheels show.

There were a ton of crazy cars, but I only took out the camera to take photos of the ones I liked. Those cars are usually the modified imports.

This nicely done FC was actually one of the first cars I saw when I got there.

This little Datsun was leaving rich when I got there so I didn’t have a chance to really check it out. Always cool to see these restored nevertheless.

Twin Turbo Rat.

I don’t know what year this second gen Civic is but it doesn’t really matter, the  work done to it stands alone. I’ve seen this car in the past, and it always make me stop and stare. This car is among a group of older BC guys that comes down to the Seattle area, and does the rounds when there’s events. All their cars are very impressive to say the least.

Oh and this blue w/ gold accents Prelude had a ITR motor fitted into it. Pretty crazy.

Walters @waffledesigns 86 always looking amazing. Definitely a standout. This is one of those “newer” timeless builds (there are not many out there) that doesn’t need to change in my opinion. The way he styled it creates a look that flows so well.

The motor is actually in the bed.

Every show need an RWB. This one I believe belongs to @christiancoujin . Most definitely a beautiful car. I’m a closet Porsche lover so to see these all hooked up is great.

As we were leaving the show we stumbled across this beautiful Ford GT. This is the first time I’ve seen one in person. Absolutely fantastic build with quite a high price tag.

We left Hotwheels and jammed to HondaExpo in Bellevue. It was only like 40 mins away, and decided to stop and grab some food. Ended up picnicking by this crazy man made waterfall. With Downtown Bellevue in the back drop it made for kinda a cool photo.

HondaExpo was held at the local college parking garage. It was a super cool location that over looks Seattle to the west. We took an elevator to the top floor where the event was being held. First thing I see was a pair of cool EF hatchbacks.

One of those Civic’s belongs to my buddy Cliff @blackpicture13 . His ride is actually a real EF hatch from Japan. It’s not an EF9 siR, but he did do the conversion. It looks awesome, and it’s always great to see his builds.

The actual real reason I came to this event is to check out my buddy Cooper @coopakaskip . I’ve seen his DC more times than I can count, but for me it never gets old. Very solid. He got a first place trophy for his efforts that day. He also got a painful looking sunburn too. It’s the Coop standard.

Bo @bo_ek63 is another buddy who has a solid build. He and Cooper rolled up to the event together from Olympia that morning.

I don’t have any engine bay photos, but he does run a supercharged CTR power plant that makes some great HP.

The BC older Gen Honda’s came down for the event after Hotwheels finished. Those dudes are busy making the rounds with back to back shows.

I really liked this Captiva Eg on TE’s. Such a good combo.

There were even some CR-X’s.

At first we thought this was a Si because of the color. With further examination fount it was indeed a CTR with custom paint.

This mint 4-door EF from Japan was super cool to see. I have never actually seen a real RHD one in person.

Closing out that show with this little OEM resto CRX.

We made a quick stop by the Bonsai Museum on the way to Lemay Car Museum in Tacoma. This place hosts some seriously miniature old bonsai’s that are ironically surrounded by massive old growth Doug Fir’s.

Across the wooded museum, and semi hidden is this crazy abandoned structure. It looks crazy to see something like this that doesn’t have humans all over it. Nature has definitely taken over a bit. It apparently was the old Weyerhaeuser headquarters. For those who are not familiar with that company, its the largest Logging Co. in the World.

Somebody clearly maintains the front lawn.

This place is massive.

Alright onto Lemay. This was my first time being here so I was very excited. I was actually supposed to bring the CR-X up for the recent SuperStreet Show but couldn’t make it. That wont happen again.

Ok on to some photos. Austin’s @hironakasan Del Sol is one of the first cars you notice when you walk in the Hall. Always amazing to see.


I had already made a big post on Instagram and Facebook about Travis’s @becauseracecar EG racecar. Here are those photo’s and a few extra’s from that set. Such a great build.

As I made my way to the lower floors I caught a glimpse of two Delorean’s then My camera died. I was on my way to see the No. 5 RWB Seattle Porsche that Nakai was putting together for that SuperStreet event. I did however have my Minolta Film camera on me so I shot the car with that. Those photos will be for another time.

Thank you for getting this far and taking a walk through this past weekend with me.



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