That grainy raw 35mm film set.

“There is no ‘one way only rule’ to shooting pictures. Do what you want, be creative and explore.”

It seems nowadays a lot of folks shooting digital are trying to make their photos look like film. With that almost dull, grainy 80’s look through a VCSO, ADOBE Lightroom or whatever filter. Personally I don’t think there is a “one way only rule” to shooting pictures. Do what you want, be creative and explore. They are your pictures so have fun with it. I own DSLR, Mirrorless and film cameras. All of them are great but by far the most challenging is the film. No looking back to see if the photo came out okay. If you’re unsure, you shoot another.  In the end, they all capture something and look uniquely different to each other.

This photo set was shot using my (1980’s) Minolta X-370 35mm Camera with a 45mm 1:2 Minolta ROKKOR-X lens and KODAK 400 DXn film. Now if you want that grainy/noisy look using a higher ISO (400 film) will do it. This also of course applies to the digital world. I didn’t particularly want that with these photos but this was the only film I had at the time.

This isn’t a tutorial so on to some photos. First here is a photo of the said camera I used for this set.

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

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